To all our customers — We appreciate all of you so much and we hope you are staying safe during this COVID 19 pandemic.

WE WILL REMAIN OPEN to sell food and grocery items as we know we are a go-to food supplier for many people. Please check our website often for any updates on the status of our hours of operation.

We wish the absolute best to you and your families.

400 Long Lane • Lancaster, PA 17603
Phone: (717) 872-9311
400 Long Lane • Lancaster, PA 17603 • Phone: (717) 872-9311
snowy trees

Enjoy Our Orchard Images

You will enjoy seeing some aspects of our operation as well as some neat pictures of interesting things we see along the way.

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pink blossoms on trees bee and blossoms ladder in trees cherries in tree peach on branch peaches in crate buckets of peaches bees on branches cars in outdoor lot people picking fruit cherries on branches pumpkins in field

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Address: 400 Long Lane, Lancaster, PA 17603 • Phone: (717) 872-9311